Gallup: Gingrich leads Romney in national poll. Romney in a free fall

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    Now that's what I'm talking about. Go Newt Gingrich! President Obama will undoubtedly crush you come election day in November 2012

    Gallup: Gingrich leads Romney in national poll

    A new national poll shows Mitt Romney is in a free fall with Newt Gingrich now leading for the GOP presidential nomination.

    Gingrich now has 31% support from registered Republican voters in the Gallup daily tracking poll, compared with 27% for the former Massachusetts governor.

    The former House speaker now has completely erased a 23-point advantage Romney enjoyed earlier this month. Gingrich's standing reflects a surge last week, when he pulled in two strong debate performances and soundly defeated Romney in the Jan. 21 South Carolina primary.

    The poll, a five-day rolling average, reflects a change from yesterday, which showed Gingrich and Romney in a dead heat.

    In hypothetical matchups taken in mid-December, President Obama would lead both Romney and Gingrich, 50%-48%.

    Gallup's Frank Newport said in a blog post yesterday that Gingrich's gains have come mostly from conservative Republicans. Gingrich jumped by 12 percentage points with that voting group, as Romney's support among conservatives fell.

    Rick Santorum and Ron Paul each have 12% support among GOP registered voters nationwide, Gallup says.
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    Now it's time for Santrum to surge. Gingrich is going to fall. He's a loose cannon who makes strategic blunders like a definite surrender date.
    It was called term limits back then(surrender date). But I'm going to Santorum with it. Gingrich's days are numbered.

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