Gadsden and Betsy

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    Fuck Y'all I'm From Texas!
    As some of you know we got our two new Godsends in the form of Boxer Puppies recently Gadsden and Betsy.
    We had a major scare when I noticed the Pups penchant for chewing on our Sago Palms around the Pool. Knowing they were pure poison to dogs I told our yard guy to trim them up high so they couldnt reach them.
    He trimmed them and left seed pods all over,the most poisonous part of the Sago Palm.
    The Pups got into them and ended up in the Pet Emergency Hospital.
    Thank God we connected the dots right away and it appears we avoided liver damage at this point and they should be coming home tomorrow.

    We've raised two other Boxers in this house with no problems.
    Just a heads up that things change and it's better to error on the side of caution.

    NO SAGO PALMS!!!!!
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