Further Proof that Regulations are designed to control consumption not prodution

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ihopehefails, Apr 20, 2010.

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    FDA: Not ready to regulate salt content - UPI.com

    This link indicates that the FDA is planning to regulate salt intake one day by regulating producers of high salt meals but the goal is not to control them as much as it is to control what you consume. You people need to understand that when the government seeks to control what a business produces it is really designed to control what the people are to consume which is why the war against salt consumtion main strategy is to control the producer because if it can control what is being produced it can control what is being consumed by you. How does it feel to be controlled?

    Busnesses don't mind that much because now they don't have to work hard to produce a product that you will buy but just have to produce a product the government say it can and you the consumer will have to buy it. How does it feel to get ripped off?

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