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    My Uncle Billy is ex-US Army Active Duty, he was a Combat Engineer for 13 years, and served in Desert Storm, he was honorably discharged after tearing his back up in Desert Storm (from what I have gathered, he was trying to get a tank to move, that didn't want to move). Here is a rather hilarious event that happened while we were eating out:

    My family, and my Uncle's family, where eating out, and as we where going through the line to the cashier, a man approached my uncle, and asked him if he was a veteran (guy got lucky, he wasn't wearing anything to signify his service), and when he said yes, the man handed him a pamphlet for Disabled Veterans, the guy got real lucky, since he is disabled (his back doesn't allow him to lift very much) so, I figured my uncle would look into this, and he was very serious about it.

    We go to sit down, and when we sit, I ask to see it, he had folded it up and put it in his pocket, when I started to read it, I nearly cried laughing, it was all in Spanish. Now, my uncle can speak German, and parts of other languages, but he looks at this, and just puts the paper down on another table, and the guy cleaning it threw it away. Sadly, he didn't look into the pamphlet, but I must admit, I nearly cried laughing.

    Hope you guys/gals enjoy story, I know it might sound dry, but believe me, was very funny to see his face.

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