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    Hussein’s attempts to force everyone to accept abortions offers a perfect opportunity to define socialism as a religion. A Wall Street Journal piece says this:

    Coverage of this story has almost invariably been framed as a conflict between the federal government and the Catholic bishops. ​

    The WSJ is correct insofar as no one can deny the Roman Catholic Church and the government are locking horns; however, the true conflict is between the Socialist religion and traditional religions. The WSJ comes closer to the basic conflict in this next excerpt:

    Even worse than the financial impact is the breach of faith represented by Ms. Sebelius's decision. Her notion of an "appropriate balance" between religious freedom and "increasing access" to "important preventive services" stands the First Amendment on its head. ​

    United We Stand for Religious Freedom
    ObamaCare's contraception mandate stands the First Amendment on its head.

    Wuerl, Colson and Soloveichik: United We Stand for Religious Freedom -

    To Socialists, religious freedom means tax dollars can, and should, be used to fund a Socialist commandment: Thou shalt fund abortion. It follows that Sebelius’ appropriate balance requires increasing access/funding. That is where the First Amendment is blown to pieces by Socialists who don the Doctrine of the Separation of Church and State like a suit of armor whenever a traditional religion sets a foot on public property.

    The First Amendment says:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; . . .”

    The First Amendment does not say the president shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise; ergo, Hussein can make laws, his bureaucrats can enforce them, and Congress cannot do a thing about it.

    Not only is Hussein & Company establishing a state religion by forcing abortion-funding on everyone, they prohibit Supreme Deity religions the free exercise of their beliefs. In short: In order for Socialists to force abortion-funding on the country they must go to war against every other religion; hence, the abortion-funding conflict is between the Socialist religion and traditional religions.

    Yesterday’s announced funding ploy:

    Under fierce election-year fire, President Barack Obama on Friday abruptly abandoned his stand that religious organizations must pay for free birth control for workers, scrambling to end a furor raging from the Catholic Church to Congress to his re-election foes. He demanded that insurance companies step in to provide the coverage instead.​

    Under fire, Obama adjusts his birth control policy
    7:56 PM, Feb. 10, 2012
    Written by
    AP White House Correspondent

    There again, Hussein turns to force. Insurance companies must fund a specific religious dictate many oppose. Only a fool believes those costs will not be passed along to everyone. Forcing everyone to fund infanticide in any form is no different than Hussein & Company forcing all Americans to fund Islam’s death penalty for apostasy.

    Note that every religion requires funding in order to hawk its superior morality as well as proselytize. Voluntary contributions fund traditional religions in America. Socialism’s morality must be funded by coerced tax dollars if it is to survive. Put it to the test. Ask those millions of Socialists to voluntarily contribute to private organizations setup to pay for abortions and everything connected to abortion. I think you know what will happen there.

    The truth is: Funding abortion along with all of the ancillary stuff is not about a woman’s right to choose, nor is it about providing important preventative health services. It is about making everybody pay. If that ain’t religion at work it will do for now.

    Finally, I’m not naive enough to believe the SCOTUS will define socialism as religion as long as there are four confirmed Socialists and one probable on the Court. I do harbor a hope that Congress will finally realize that funding morality of any kind is funding a religion. That simple truth should be enough to invoke the First Amendment; consequently, stop funding one group’s morality over all others. That is how the battle lines should be drawn.
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    obama adjusted nothing. He set up a straw man to create an appearance that these organiztions won't be paying for these services, when they are.

    This is just like shariah lending practices. That's where he got the idea. Islam forbids the collection of interest on a loan. It's against the religion. So there are provisions created where it looks like something is bought by one person then resold to the actual purchaser at a higher price that includes the interest. This is a way to get around the religious prohibition. This flim flam of obama's is exactly the same. The organizations won't have to pay for birth control. The insurance companies pay, then increase the premiums that the employer pays, so the employers are still paying, but they can feel sufficiently fooled that they are not.

    I hope Americans aren't that stupid. I wouldn't bet on it though.
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    We're not fooled by the Hussein and his gimmicks.

    The problem is half this country doesn't even care that he lies, as long as he is pushing forward their agenda.

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