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    So many problems and so little good is derived from this fallacy that the Bible, Torah or Qu'ran is the primary informant of a religious community. I see fundamentalists who are convinced that this is the case as being defrauded by their ministers into the belief that these books can present directions or information without the need for interpretation, or that the ministers themselves don't actively spin priorities and values of the messages in holy books to a desired end. One only must look as far as the news to see Islamic fundies blowing themselves and their brethren up, or christian fundies protesting at funerals of soldiers who they suspect to be gay to see that holy-book-mandate is a myth among claimed fundamentalists.

    Instead, there is an onus on religious ministry to present directions and information to a congregation in a responsible way which accounts for the holistic message of God within their religious tradition, and within the society which they function. The sooner faiths evolve to operate in this manner, the better off the world would be, and the more esteemed the traditions of the holy books at the center of the world's religions will become.

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