Full freedom cum protection to “target Killing’ in Quetta

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    Full freedom cum protection to “target Killing’ in Quetta, Pakistan

    I saw news in TV which is high regrettable and dis-appointment that during last 3 months 60 innocents peoples ( including women’s and children’s) lost life’s on result of pre-plan target killing in Quetta.

    Not a single terrorists yet arrest and send him behind the bar in real sense but only verbal statement that no one have authority or power to destroy the peace in Quetta City but those who are killers perhaps comes from INDIA or Israel and after incident peacefully gone to their country.

    Those who are protecting, finance and providing shelter to professional killers who are responsible for recent killing of 60 innocents all deserve to go to HELL along their master mind, those people who knew but remain silence.

    More painful to see our Police Department of Quetta become totally paralysis and not reach the clue who is doing all target killings in which more 18 Shia’s Pilgrims those who intend to go to Iran for Zia rat become victim. Those who killed them are followers of Yazadi and wish to stay with their ideal forever in Hell? I must say these killers are pigs and no relation to any religion, are the open enemies of entire Pakistan people’s

    How long these Holi with human life’s will continue in Quetta and no protection to common life’s which is a totally failure of Baluchistan Government and question should be asked from Police Department what part they play to arrest the real culprits not the innocents and then frame the real charges. Only busy or worry how to give protocol and security to VVIP persons.

    Perhaps killers are seem more powerful and clever with our Police Department that reasons still not caught but tell when dead angle come to capture your soul than how you run and which authority will give you shelter and protection as you people usually getting that reasons not being arrested and send behind the bar.

    I pray to God to destroy entire net works of all professional killers who killed innocent only to get some money but does not he will remain in Hell forever and no have power or authority to change the God decision. Do not allow them extra time to kill and destroy
    More families.

    I appeal to Governor of Quetta and Chief Minister to compensate those who lost life’s on account of target killing by granting a small amount of One Million ( Rupees Ten Lacs )

    Which authority to get permission for doing target killings than no arrest being made from Police or Rangers department

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )
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