From the mouth of a Child.

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    Dear daddy I miss you very much and I think abot you all the time.but I just don't think I realy don't like it when your gone .its just not the same without you.
    Trying realy hard to be good for you but I get the feeling im doing something wrong.i just cant wait for you to come doing fine.i hope you are to.i love
    You forevever . just don't want you to leave me agin cause I just cant handell it I cant stand it wile your gone I just don't want you to be a marine . I want you to
    Quit your job.causeits to hard for me to understand. You know what I mean .your job its so dum to me I don't like it at all I just cant take it any longer its that i
    Don't want you to go from home like this it makes feel like I don't know like its just so seems to me that your leaveing me forever. That's why I don't want you
    To leave me I know you need to though well Im very proud of you and mommy misses you and ioves you very much and I do to and I was just going to tell you
    That I love you and im doing okay so that's all I wanted to tell you so byebye love you.
    Many Kind Regards: Morgan's Letter to Daddy (and LINKS)

    I thought today it's worth mentioning that sacrifice comes in many forms and as a Vet. who has a little experience in the area of being away from home for long periods of time, I cannot tell you how many letters like this I received from my own daughter. These young men and women that sacrifce themselves daily and have deployed many times over do so because of a deep love of things greater than themselves. Don't let the actions of one scik individual who long ago decided that none of these things matter and lost himself in the world of hatred reflect upon all the sacrifices big and small by all those who's hearts ache every single moment of every day.
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