From One Hispanic to Others — Arizona, You’re Being Had By the Media

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    A lot more here:

    From One Hispanic to Others — Arizona, You?re Being Had By the Media - Big Journalism

    And that's the secret. Democrats have depended on vote fraud to win elections since Kennedy's time. They know they can't win without it.

    I, myself, have witnessed Democrats leading bus loads of people who were obviously mentally handicapped into my voting place to vote. They were all told to hold hands like children, and were lead in and shown how to vote and who to vote for.

    It was extremely sad, because it was obvious these people had the minds of children and had no idea they were being used to commit vote fraud.

    ACORN so abused our voting sytem in Ohio that it promptly forced us into showing our ID to vote. Democrats HAD A FIT. They claimed it was racist and hurt the poor.

    But it was a ludicrous argument. No one is denied a picture ID because they are poor! The Democrats even tried to get the law overturned in 2005 at the ballot box, but they failed and it went down in ashes at the ballot box.

    Ohioans had, had enough of the shananigans of ACORN and voter ID is still the law in Ohio.

    We need more states like this. BTW, Ohio is looking into adopting an AZ like law for immigration. We may not be a border state but we have our own immigration problems.

    Why is it racist to enforce what every country in the world enforces? Laws against illegally being in the country?????
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    And yet it was a Republican that compared Arizona to the Gestapo.

    Honest, ever?

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