French conquest of Africa?

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    This thread was posted in response to an article"Ivory Coast Loyalists Demand All-Out War" By AUSTIN MERRILL, Associated Press Writer.
    The article:


    bob: You can't un-write history with current events. France had no mandate, and as the article said sought such mandate only after occupation.

    A history based on such carefully selected facts is fallacy.

    clueless???? lol
    on_est_mieux_ici:<<<Actually France had no UN mandate.

    Why do you need to prove to the wolrd you're clueless?
    Bob:Actually France had no UN mandate.

    "In the Ivory Coast, an insurrection against the ruling government began in September 2002. France’s immediate response was not to convene an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council; rather, it sent 2,500 troops to bolster the government, as it was a pro-French satellite. France then took it upon itself to organize peace talks between the warring parties that it personally facilitated rather than involving the U.N. or the international community in such an effort. It was only after the fact -- last month, in fact -- that France asked the U.N. to approve its unilateral policy. Once again French policy initiatives in Africa make clear that it regards at least the francophone region on the continent as its own personal preserve; international institutions need not apply."
    [from the article at]
    on_est_mieux_ici:<<<Not possible.

    Of course not. There was a UN mandate.
    Joe: Not possible.
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    The article:

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