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    Freedom University: Georgia Profs Offer Course To Undocumented Immigrants
    Freedom University: Georgia Profs Offer Course To Undocumented Immigrants

    Freedom University is composed of a group of teaches that are teaching illegal aliens because they re not able to get in state tuition and not able to pay three time the in-state tuition. Freedom University is not an accredited college and they will not receive credit or degrees. Even if they are allowed in-state tuition they are still illegal and will not be able to get a job when they finish. Yes, their parent pay taxes but they are illegal also. The best thing for these students is to send them home for higher education with their parents.
    A convicted felon is not allow to vote and he or she cannot pay a fine and their felony conviction is wiped clean and they are allow to vote even though they are working and paying taxes. Allowing student who are here illegal instate tuition or any type of higher education take away from class time of American students.
    Illegal immigration is an crime and an American and Mexican tragedy. A crime that someone has been living for over 20 years undetected. Is there a statue of limitation of illegal immigration and on a convicted felon who work and pay taxes and has paid their crimes and still cannot vote? No. Why should Illegal Aliens be allowed to pay a fine for entering the country illegally be and put on a path to citizenship and eventually be allowed to vote? Illegal immigration is a federal crimes and eventually a felony.
    How are we ever expected to fix illegal immigration when we ignore illegal immigration?
    Is so many people did not enter illegally it would open the door for more to enter legally and quicker.
    All an Illegal Aliens has to do to hit the jack pot is to bring a child with them are have a child after they enter. Children are their way to amnesty.

    Freedom University should not be allowed to operate because it is breaking our Federal Immigration and Nationality Act and those teachers should be prosecuted as aiding and abetting illegal immigration which is a crime.Where is Obama and the DOJ?

    Aiding, abetting, harboring, encouraging illegals a felony
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