Free Trade: Unions' Ownership of Democrats Continues

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mcmick, Nov 20, 2008.

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    HEADLINES in the last 7 days:

    Miami Herald: Last chance for Colombia trade pact

    New York Times: Pass the Colombian Trade Pact

    Washingtion Post: Pass the Pact

    LA Times: Seal the deal on Colombian trade pact

    Unions' ownership of the Democratic Party is shameful almost beyond comprehension.

    Leftists are all too happy to delude themselves with moral equivalents, by using uninformed phrases like “corporate welfare” “tax cuts for the rich” and other deceit that ignores IRS and other data showing that final net taxes for corporations were close to $400 billion 2005, and slightly less in 2006.

    The top 2 quintiles pay a huge percentage of all taxes, the bottom 2 receive most of that in services and welfare.

    However even the Poverty Industry may not own Democrats, as much as unions do.

    Four of the most liberal newspapers in America have repeatedly urged Dems to support the Columbia Free Trade Pact. The arguments in favor of the overall population are so overwhelming, opposition cannot be taken seriously.

    Democrats are giving a ridiculously high priority to several million workers over the needs of a workforce of over 150 million and 300 million consumers.

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi know this just as every literate, informed voter does, but they’ll just keep looking us in the eye, smiling and putting out their disgusting spin, day after day, year after year.
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    Huh? Why should we pass the Columbia deal? They don't protect workers rights. Any labor that tries to organize gets killed. And they have a drug problem, no?

    And I have data that says Corporations don't pay dick in taxes, offshore and here at home. And my data says the IRS looks the other way.

    Why don't you give us all the wealth and we'll pay all the taxes. Deal?

    Please tell me why we should pass the Columbia Free Trade Pact. Seems to me its just another bad deal for Americans.

    And maybe this is proof those papers aren't liberal.

    And, you don't get to ask for anything for the next 2 years. Just sit and watch. Liberals/Democrats/Unions are in charge now. We tried it your way. Your way didn't work. Now just watch as we make America great again.

    And like you told us when Bush was ruining America, love it or leave it! LOL.

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