Free Falling Nation

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    I feel that I am extremely lucky; I live in a nice neighborhood, in an extremely safe state. And for the most part my BIGGEST worry in life, what time my 8 month old son is going to be waking me up 3 a.m. or 6! When I switch to the evening news the big events are occasional car accidents, drugs being brought into the southern part of the state, and domestic disputes. However when I switch to watch the national news, I am mortified by what I see. For example Friday on the news a man at Wal-Mart gets trampled when opening the doors for customers. How does this occur? Didn’t they feel something other than the concrete under their feet? Was it that really that important to get an X-Box, I-Pod, or whatever other item was on “sale” that a human life had no significance? And if that isn’t bad enough a young boy, a BOY of eight years old accused of killing his own father, and his father’s friend. If this is not bad enough the police integrate him without a lawyer, or a parent. This shows you just how corrupt your country is, putting a potential confession and evidence above the LAW and CONSTITUTION. Even if this child is guilty he is entitled to his rights, just like every other accused murderer before him.
    Our country and world is free falling to hell, and everything that we do to “help” seems to make us fall even faster. Our government loves to stick its noses everywhere, and it just drives me nuts. Right now we have enough problems, most of which were created by our people as a wholes greed. Granted there are people who do charity work but only as a second thought, or for tax right offs not it doesn’t come from the heart. And well I’m on the subject of tax right offs and charity these days it seems are government is the biggest spender. “Oh you drove your company into the ground here is a few billion hope this helps”, “oh we want to take a luxury vacation to the UK for bird hunter here take some hard earned tax payers money to cover your costs.” Before all is said and done I think that our government is going to have a stake in every major industry, I image the founders of this ONCE wonderful country are rolling around in their graves! If a company invested poorly, had an awful business plan or whatever reason caused their circumstances let them deal with it, I do not see where it is MY hard working family’s responsibility to bail out Wall Street, AIG, and most likely Detroit!
    Like I said before our government should be focusing on OUR finical crisis, OUR national security, and OUR fuel emergency, everything else should be secondary. I love how we come up with lame brain reasons why we can’t be come self sufficient when it comes to energy. You can’t drill because it may cause an oil spill so we will continue to send BILLIONS a year to our enemies, no windmills because they take away from remarkable scenery, so we will just keep using oil! Me a common citizen can see the complications of this plan, our government is suppose to be in control to protect us, how can they protect us when the incest on oil as the only energy option?? We get oil from mid east countries…has anyone notice, or is it just me the majority of the mid east really can’t stand us? So let’s send those who blow up our people BILLIONS to finance their war against us…so translated we are paying to kill our own children! I’m pretty sure that covers my national security point too. As far as the financial situation goes how does spending billions upon billions fix our situation? All they need to do is go to any house wife and talk with them, and they can explain it very simply if you don’t have it you can’t spend. If we only have $2,000 a month to cover expense then that’s all we can spend, not 2,200, not 2,001, nothing at the most simply TWO THOUSAND that’s it!! That is really how we got into the financial crisis, people spending money they didn’t have!!
    Now I’ll admit I didn’t vote for Obama. However, I hope and pray every night that he will be able to fix our current situation and not drive us further away from the ultimate goal, a country free of debut, free of fear, and not having to choose between oil products and medications or food!

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