Fractal analysis EURJPY. Highly detailed forecast.

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    I present you the next highly detailed forecast based on fractal analysis.

    The proposed prediction is relevant in the medium term, by the end of 2012. Also, it will be interesting for players kratkosrochnikov as the expected direction, trending market.
    Until October 17, I expect continued growth and a test of resistance at 103,850. Up to this point, in short term, you can make purchases on corrections.

    October 17 and the level of 103,850 - the reference point for the formation of medium-term short positions. This level may be tested again on October 29, which serves as an additional reference.

    November 1: Beginning of the main pulse to reduce 98.000/97.5000 completion date pulse on November 15. Then the correction to the 21 th of November to the level 99.500/100.000.

    November 21: The continuing decline of the area 100,000 to 96,000, the estimated completion date is December 1 reduction.

    Follow the control points and re-check your prediction!

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