Fox news is no better than the rest sometimes..

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by dmp, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Whilst eating Special K w/ Strawberries (VERY good, btw) this morning about 5:20am Fox & Friends was showing live coverage of a 'high' speed chase in/near Los Angeles, CA.

    Here's what we saw on film - a white sedan (I'm guessing a Mistubishi Diamonte) fleeing from one or two police cruisers thru a residential area - with the occasional jaunt thru retail/warehouse areas. I saw a guy in a white car taking corners, and wiggling his car back and forth on occasion.

    Here's the stupid part...

    "ALL" the reporters. The reporters were trying SOOO Hard to introduce MORE drama into the chase than was actually there. It was painfully obvious that it was a 'slow news' day. What's the deal? Why can't the reporter REPORT instead of offering editorial:

    "Okay - you can see the suspect, he's flying down roads with reckless abondon! What you need to understand folks, not only is this guy hitting speads approaching NINTY miles per hour - This guy, at a moments notice could TURN!! Yes folks - that guy could turn at ANY second...and not just one direction. This guy is desperate - he could turn right OR left!! It's vital the police stop this guy from hurting himself or other innocents!"

    Every manuever was met with an "OOOH!!!" and "OHBOY!"...sickening.

    Then, at one point, the car made a right-hand turn onto a side street. The police cruiser was approaching WAY too hot, and understeered directly up and over the corner, and punched a hole into a building. Nothing was visible of the car, as if the police cruiser was swallowed by the building.

    What did the reporters say? Any surprises? Nope.

    "WOW! Look at that! The suspect has already caused a police cruiser to crash INTO a building! This guy is a maniac with NO regard. The police will have to take this guy down VERY quickly, as he's already demonstrated he has no problem with causing accidents"


    Here's an accurate account:

    "The police officer was driving beyond his ability to control his vehicle. Too-fast for conditions."

    If I had my way, I'd ticket the guy - you know full well you or I would be ticketed if WE ran our vehicles into a building.



    Here's a story - and video...

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