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    ...Iraq really is funding al Qaeda. Unlike before the invasion when there were no ties between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda, despite Bush administration claims to the contrary. Funds are being funneled to al Qaeda's base of operations in Pakistan from many sources in Iraq. From ransoms collected from kidnapping victims to drug-running and arms smuggling, money is flowing into al Qaeda's coffers.

    The bulk of these funds, however, is coming from money contributed to the anti-American insurgents in Iraq from outside that failed nation. That means from Saudi Arabia for the Sunnis and Iran for the Shi'ias. Of course, nothing is said about the Saudi money flowing into Iraq.

    For the full story, you can go <a href=,0,6432117,full.story?coll=la-home-center>HERE</a>.

    Just another episode of "Thank you, President Bush!"

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