Fountain of Youth: TrumpUSA Space-Opera [Political Cartoons]

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    Since TrumpUSA Christmastime highlights the commerce/consumerism spirit of our great capitalist nation, we might want to consider the social/political value of political cartoons that speak to our modern interest in vanity-analysis.

    For example, what do you think of the following TrumpUSA space-opera about the Fountain of Youth, inspired by Robotech? Since this parable is a capitalism-critique intended to raise questions about the 'aesthetics' of TrumpUSA, I didn't feel comfy posting it in the Writing section of USMB.

    Cheers (signing off),



    Ajay Satan was a self-proclaimed Internet-blogging 'vigilante' who wrote about pornography and censorship in the modern age of media and TrumpUSA flowery. He'd even dress up like a vigilante and talk about the value of the NSA's new cyber-division. He was a real 'American fanatic.' However, one day, he was visited (in a dream) by a beautiful female humanoid alien named Isabel who told him about a fantastic space crusade involving all kinds of alien creatures seeking the Fountain of Youth on a faraway planet. Isabel invited Ajay to join this crusade, since he was obviously interested in TrumpUSA capitalism imagination. Ajay woke up and decided to accept the invite and the next day, when Isabel visited him, he decided he'd undergo the metaphysical transformation required to join the space crusade Isabel discussed.


    Ajay was transformed into a space-pilot priest named Max Sterling and Isabel introduced him to two humanoid alien robots named Arcee and Cyclonus who were married and preparing to join Isabel on the quest for the Fountain of Youth on that faraway planet (called Xanadu!). Ajay/Max and Isabel decided to start dating and joined Arcee and Cyclonus and a host of other humanoid aliens including the species Xeno and the species Worn in the search for the Fountain on Xanadu. Max (Ajay) noted how Arcee/Cyclonus thought about romance and spirituality as they related to capitalism and piracy intrigue. Would the Fountain of Youth be a symbol of capitalism rationalism or a reflection of piracy indulgences?


    Isabel wrote U.S. First Lady Melania Trump a letter about this grand space-opera quest for the Fountain of Youth. Isabel wrote, "This quest for the Fountain will show us crusaders if the ideal of immortality clouds/sullies our perspectives on capitalism and profiteers; we hope TrumpUSA will benefit from the lessons learned from this great crusade, as one of our crusaders, an Internet-blogger named Ajay/Max will return with the report of the quest!" When Melania read the letter, she wondered if it was from an idealistic neo-liberal who wrote poetically about the social value of rhetoric/parables in this modern era of great capitalism ambitions. She wondered what Ajay/Max would report regarding this 'Fountain.'


    When Max (Ajay), Isabel, Arcee/Cyclonus, and their Xeno/Worn comrades arrived on Xanadu and began trolling for the Fountain of Youth, Max commented that this quest would reveal to Melania Trump that a capitalism-themed 'space-quest' for immortality would show all humans on Earth that imagination is stronger than political machinations. However, Cyclonus warned Max not to become too 'sentimental' since the Fountain was potentially as dangerous as it was magical/mystical. As they all wandered around Xanadu searching for the Fountain of Youth, Max dreamed of returning to Earth safely and delivering the report of the potential incredible discovery to the White House. Xanadu was a magnificent blue-purple planet inviting all kinds of metaphysical speculations, and Max wondered if capitalism would sully humanity's imagination about discovery and survival itself.


    Some of the Xeno/Worn captains wondered if they discovered a terrible sign when they found body parts in a strange pond in a vined and glassed area of Xanadu which was obviously some artificially constructed greenhouse of some kind. Max and Cyclonus reasoned that the body parts represented some experiments about the Fountain of Youth and suggested that the actual immortality-endowing body of water must be somewhere nearby, but Isabel/Arcee thought about the moral dangers of this mission for the first time(!). Max (Ajay) didn't want to take back a horrific report to First Lady Melania Trump.


    Xanadu was so variegated and rich that all the space crusaders/seekers of the Fountain of Youth were compelled to consider the deep philosophical meaning of immortality. Max (Ajay) continued to wonder how immortality and the Fountain of Youth (which human sea-land explorers during the early days of the 'New World' --- the Americas --- imagined was in the U.S. state of Florida!) signified a strange capitalism-relevant 'paranoia' about losing resources in times of great social investments (e.g., California Gold Rush). Nevertheless, the crusaders continued roaming Xanadu, certain they'd discover something so vital to any kind of capitalist argument or even war.


    Of course since Ajay Satan was now the space-pilot priest 'Max' he resembled an 'imagineer.' Meanwhile, Isabel had transformed herself into a humanoid robot. Ajay remembered the dream in which Isabel visited him as a beautiful woman and proposed this great quest for the Fountain of Youth which he gladly accepted. Now that Ajay/Max was in love with Isabel (who was more human than robot) he wondered if he should stay with her or bring her to Earth. Max certainly decided that should they all discover the Fountain, and be afforded immortal 'powers,' he would tell Isabel they were destined to be 'soul-mates.' Max also decided he'd blog on the Internet (as Ajay Satan!) about the 'allure' of pornography in the modern Earth era of Internet, technology, and pollution.


    Finally, the crusaders found a magical and strange glowing body of water near a forest in Xanadu which was certainly possessing the necessary 'aesthetic features' qualifying it as the Fountain of Youth(!). Cyclonus agreed to drink first and when he did, he grew more handsome and realized his body-energy was heightened. They had found the immortality-water! They all drank from it and were transformed into more 'radiant' versions of themselves. Ajay/Max kissed Isabel and they took photographs of the Fountain and took notes and then boarded their shuttle, promising each other to keep the location of the actual rather hidden Fountain a complete secret.


    MELANIA: Well, your photos and report are impressive.
    AJAY: The actual location of the Fountain remains secret!
    MELANIA: Well, at least your report was delivered to America first.
    AJAY: Sure; America is Earth's official 'Big Brother.'
    MELANIA: President Trump will talk about your report at Yale University.
    AJAY: Yale?
    MELANIA: Yes, there's a conference about 'capitalism folklore' he'll be attending.
    AJAY: Do you realize how many anti-TrumpUSA political-cartoons have been made?
    MELANIA: Yes, Donald Trump has a lot of critics...
    AJAY: Do you believe in the Fountain of Youth, Mrs. Trump?
    MELANIA: I surely like the finery of your capitalism-idealistic metaphysics report!
    AJAY: We all thought the Fountain revealed the innocence of capitalism-theory.
    MELANIA: Well, fortune-hunting makes rich people feel like they're immortal.
    AJAY: That's why we all thought the Fountain would reveal something about humility.
    MELANIA: Yet, your report claims all drinkers of the Fountain felt more 'radiant.'
    AJAY: We sure did; and I married one of my fellow crusaders, Isabel.
    MELANIA: Is Isabel one of these Xenos/Worns mentioned in your report?
    AJAY: No; I'd rather not say; she lives with me now...
    MELANIA: You're certainly a terrific dreamer, Ajay, so I wish you and Isabel happiness.
    AJAY: Call me 'Max'...
    MELANIA: Alright, "Max"! So, what's next for you?
    AJAY: I'll be blogging about Playboy censorship on the Internet and its relevance to cinema.
    MELANIA: Good luck. God bless TrumpUSA! And Merry Christmas.




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