Founding the California Missions

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    I have written three [working on fourth] novels about the founding of the California missions in the 1700's. The series is "Father Serra's Legacy" and Book One, The Sailor and The Carpenter, is in the final stages of being readied for publication.


    Timothy Beadle’s father indentures him to a ship’s captain and he soon is in Mid-Atlantic on his way to the far north-western shores of The New World. Padding the deck and climbing the rigging is exhilarating to the young English farm boy. The captain is a fair, God-fearing man who ensures Timothy also learns reading, writing and arithmetic. Strange islands and naked savages fill Timothy with curiosity and wonder.

    Fate has more changes in store for Timothy, The ships sails home with holds full of rich furs but a cyclone hits and Timothy ends up on the shore of Spanish California with a young Indian bending over him. After the village medicine woman treats him, Timothy’s taken before grey robed priests who welcome him, and even offer him sanctuary when a local official ties to imprison him as a pirate.

    Jaime, the Indian boy, dreamed of Timothy’s arrival months before. Both sense the blood bond that ties them together and unite in an effort by Father Junipero Serra to expand the catholic faith and Span’s control of the Californias.

    The novel will soon be available @ Bluewood Publishing - A Royalty Paying International Publisher.

    And, for those who read the novel, I will always eagerly look forward to your feedback.:cool:
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    Good luck on your discipline and effort, longknife!

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