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    runs their entire economy. Headed there tomorrow to do see my parents.
    You would not believe the tab piling on we see every time they see a doctor, which is rare as they are healthy at 88 and 87.
    Take a good look at the waste of this blank check senior program we have and you will see first hand why we aregoing broke.
    4% of US citizens, 90% of these are over 65, use 54% of ALL health care dollars in America.
    Chronic disease care, which is that 54% of all health care costs, is preventable in 8 out of 9cases in America.
    In 2008 we spent 380 billion on Medicare. 1 trillion by 2018. 4 trillion by 2030.
    "I want mine and to hellwith today's youth"
    We are a stupid and selfish nation. Group health care has ruined American health care. People need to be held responsible for their own health care and pay for it with their own $. Buy their own insurance and keep the government out of it.
    Blank check health care is what we have now. Anyone that supports keeping this failed system does not read or write.
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