forget Palin milkin da RNC try Alaska

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    "Palin readjusted travel claims for children
    Birmingham Star
    Tuesday 21st October, 2008

    Governor Sarah Palin has been found to have charged the state of Alaska for commercial flights for her children.

    Palin charged the state $21,012 for 64 commercial flights and hotel accommodation for her three daughters after taking office in December 2006.

    Among other trips, she allowed the three girls to join her at a snowmobile race, where her husband was racing, as well as a five-day trip to New York, while she was attending a conference.

    Tony Knowles, the Democratic former governor of Alaska who lost to Palin in 2006, said he never charged the state for his three children's commercial flights or travel as there was no valid reason for them to go on state business."

    Palin readjusted travel claims for children

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