For Every WWII Vet That Gets Turned Away...

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    [...from the polling place, they're also turning away 100 to 200 New York Democratic activists illegally registered to vote in Ohio. He had an expired drivers license with his correct address along with Veterans Administration ID Card with his picture, but no address, so the hardnose who was validating at the table refused. Somehow this smells like another Democratic set piece, similar to the Sandra Fluke episode, a replay of the strumpet files.]

    "We always knew that once new voter ID laws were in place, some people were going to fail to qualify at their polling place and a predictable amount of sturm und drang would result. Well, it’s already taken place in Ohio on Super Tuesday. Had it been some person who lacked an ID card because he’d just gotten out of jail and had a long time to wait until his seventeen DWI suspensions cleared, he wouldn’t provide a very sympathetic case for opponents to trumpet. Unfortunately, the situation of Paul Carroll paints a very different media narrative."

    WW2 vet fails voter ID test in Ohio « Hot Air

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