For All Its Flaws, Still It Is Our Modern Marxist Nation-State

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    So now there can be centralized regulation of planning, gone awry. Even the Republicans will meet the new financial reform rules half-way.

    News Headlines

    Private property is increasingly subject already to rules in common. The communist beach fronts of Southern California are legendary, even in surf songs. The public schools are a legend, even now! The Credit Market, just of the United States alone: Is $55.0 tril. Giant institutions failed. Several have already repaid hundreds of billions of dollars, with interest, to the central government's treasury. The Central Bank will do even better under the proposed new rules, even limiting executive pay.

    The graduated income tax has been around for decades. The flat tax/fair tax concept doesn't even work for Social Security. Low income workers also get the fixed percentage raises, which are insufficient tax base for the system, fixed percentage indexed for inflation.

    The Soviets, and Nixon, (of the Party of Abraham Lincoln): Also seem to have missed that point completely.

    And those are just the big pieces!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Actually, an anarchy is an outcome of Widespread Wealth Worldwide, itself apparently never envisioned in either the utopian Laizzez-Faire Capitalist, or Communist mantras. In the first the economy is stroked off by some "Invisible Hand," in the manner of creating the famous "Bull in the China Shop," or something! In the other one, "magical, mystery dialectical forces of all of world history," actually run it. Clearly they know about these things, at the American Ivy League!)
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