*Follow The Money: Obama Has Illegal Line Of Credit*

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chesswarsnow, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. But I think I am right about this, Obama is going to go into debt huge, and when he loses, he will refuse to pay the line of credit he has with some stupid energy corp.
    2. I think is this isn't illegal it should be, he has money in the account, spend that first, don't borrow money you have no intent on repaying.
    3. Obama is a fraud!
    4. LINK:Democrats Said to End Convention $15 Million Short - Bloomberg

    "Democrats ended their convention in Charlotte $5 million short of their budget even after being forced to draw down a $10 million line of credit from Duke Energy Corp. (DUK), according to a Democratic Party fundraiser.

    That will leave a $15 million bill that eventually will have to be paid by President Barack Obama’s campaign or the Democratic National Committee",

    The $10 million line of credit to Duke Energy will need to be repaid next year, said a second person familiar with the matter, who also spoke on condition of anonymity. Duke Energy Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerJim Rogersis co-chairman of the host committee. "

    5. Never doubt me.


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