Focusing on Gitmo, Ignoring Mosque Bombings

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    Americans Focus on Guantanamo, Ignore Mosque Bombings
    By Deroy Murdock, Scripps Howard News Service

    Excerpted article

    NEW YORK -- For all the grief America is suffering over Guantanamo, U.S. soldiers there might as well have flushed 1,001 Korans down 1,001 toilets _ live on Al-Jazeera TV.

    Newsweek's May 15 retraction of its false and deadly Koran-in-the-can story has worked as well as a severed brake line in slowing calls by Democrats (and some wobbly Republicans) to padlock the terrorist detention facility.

    Illinois' Dick Durbin, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, infamously compared Gitmo to the Soviet Gulag, Nazi concentration camps and the Khmer Rouge's killing fields, despite the base's paucity of firing squads, gas chambers or neatly stacked human skulls. After a week of brickbats, Durbin Tuesday tearfully offered a qualified apology for his remarks.

    Bushophobes should squirt some of their copious bile on those who esteem devout Muslims far less than do Gitmo's guards. Leftists shriek when a GI forgets to don gloves before touching a Koran, but snore when Taliban, al Qaeda and other terrorists blast mosques to bits.

    Associated Press reports, among others, document how militant Islamists (primarily Sunnis) treat Shiite shrines with all the deference the SS showed synagogues in the 1940s.:

    _ June 1, 2005: A suicide bomber blasted the funeral of Mullah Abdul Fayaz, a moderate cleric, at his eponymous mosque in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He killed Kabul's police chief and 20 others, while wounding 50.

    _ January 20, 2005: A suicide bomber exploded inside the Ghocha Park Mosque in Sheberghan, injuring 21.

    _ January 16, 2005: An anti-personnel mine went off at the Sal Metra mosque in Urozgan province, wounding two worshippers.

    _ May 23, 2005: A car bomb at a Baghdad mosque killed two and wounded 22, including 11 children.

    _ May 19, 2005: A bomb at a Saydiya mosque killed two and hurt five.

    _ April 22, 2005: A car bomb at a Baghdad mosque disrupted Friday prayers, killing nine and wounding 26.

    _ March 10, 2005: A suicide bomber detonated himself during a funeral at a Mosul mosque, murdering 47 people and injuring at least 101.

    _ February 18, 2005: On Ashoura, Shiites' holiest day, homicide bombers attacked two Baghdad mosques, killing 25 and wounding 30.

    _ February 18, 2005: That day, a car bomb killed eight and hurt 10 at an Iskandariyah mosque.

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    Gee 114 dead and 267 wounded in mosques. Nothing news worthy there huh?

    But a phoney story about disrespecting the koran gets 6 months of major news coverage. No MSM agenda here. :wtf:

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