Florida's fornication folly

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    Want to get a kid to do something? Tell them to do the opposite.

    I am not a parent, and perhaps I am somewhat of a miscreant, but most of the things my parent's warned me not to do I went ahead and did anyway. With great satisfaction I might add.

    Now comes a report on the failure of Florida's abstinence-only approach to teen sex. Funded by $67 million from the Feds, Florida continues to ignore the common sense approach of being open about sex and instead tries to keep kids "in the dark."

    And of course, as kids are want to do, their behavior reflects the exact opposite of what they are told --especially when they are literally in the dark. So, why keep going through this year after year, wasting millions of our tax dollars? Abstinence only programs have failed since time eternal. And yet we keep hitting our children over the head with the same shtick.

    Here is where I trot out numbers from the report and you say, "Ohhh."

    "The most recent data available shows Florida has the third highest rate in the nation of new AIDS diagnoses, the fifth highest rate of new HIV infections; teen pregnancy rates that are the sixth highest in the nation; nearly two-thirds of all new sexually transmitted diseases in the state were among young people; and 15% of new HIV infections occurred among those under the age of 25. In sum, Florida has some of the worst health outcomes on these key indicators of reproductive and sexual health nationwide."

    But, worry not. If you are a kid and you need your sexual queries tended to by something other than RedTube.com, the Florida Department of Health has put together a handy website called, GreatToWait. com. There you will learn valuable lessons such as:

    > "Men sexually are like microwaves and women are like crock pots." (And pro-abstinence pushers are "crackpots.")

    > The consequence of premarital sex: “No ongoing relationships, no commitment, no security, no family and possibly no children." (Ouch. Really? Well I guess not having kids does spare you the difficulty of having to lie to them with a straight face.)

    > Sex within marriage “will eliminate any of the physical and/or emotional harm caused by contracting a sexually transmitted disease." (Nice piece of logic there, genius. And if your parents don't have children, neither can you.)

    > “Condoms fail so often in preventing pregnancy (10-36%) that doctors call them ‘antiquated birth control.’" (They call it "antiquated" because there are better methods. And I can see some kids out there approaching home plate thinking, "Why use a condom? My teacher said it is 'antiquated.' I am not sure what that word means but it sure sounds bad!")

    > “Would you buy a ticket to go bungee jumping from a company that admits their bungee cords will fail about 40% of the time?” (What if you are having sex with your lover while bungee jumping? I need more data!)

    Once again we must turn to Obama's socialist comrades in Europe for guidance on health care. They are completely open with their children about sex --some going so far as to show sex films in the classroom. And the results? The lowest teen pregnancy rates, STD rates and cases of rape in the world.

    Are we that daft not to see the facts as they are? Or are those pushing such failed policies the product of inbred promiscuity? Who knows?

    And for those Christians who think abstinence is the only way to go. Let's not forget Mother Mary. I bet she had some serious explaining to do to when Joseph came home from work and learned that she was pregnant. Ouch. Poor Joseph. He wasn't even getting satisfaction from his own wife, and then some bronze age myth slides into his scene. Like to see that on Geraldo.

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