Flood Tide?

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    This old boy’s passion is being aroused for the first time since Ronald Reagan was president. That means it’s been a long time since I thought those people in Washington did anything worthwhile. In the years after RR left office the Republicans sickened me as much as did the Democrats. I’m still not moved by economic blah, blah, blah from either side, but there is ample reason to rejoice. Start with a video. Move the cursor to 8:56. and listen to Paul Ryan prime the old passion pump in 28 seconds out of a 13:13 Bret Baier interview:

    In the same vain the always insightful Phyllis Schlafly says this about the Republican party platform:

    SCHLAFLY: Republican Party platform best yet
    Reagan’s three-legged stool upheld
    By Phyllis Schlafly - The Washington Times Monday, August 27, 2012

    SCHLAFLY: Republican Party platform best yet - Washington Times

    If Schlafly doesn’t give you a boost you’re probably a hardcore liberal.

    In addition to Ryan and the party platform, you have Ron Paul stomping around out there. He’s the guy who meant it when nobody else was saying it:

    The Republican party platform and Paul Ryan’s remarks is not the same as passing HR 1146. Nevertheless, taking everything together it looks like the beginning of Shakespeare’s flood tide to me:

    Finally, there is an old chestnut that says “Money makes the mare go.” I never doubted the importance of economics and the economy. It’s just that I happen to believe that Americans should tell the mare where to go. Hint: It ain’t the United Nations.

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