Fixing the GOP Part 4- Next in Line has got to Go!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeB131, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Remember that guy who lost four years ago or eight years ago? The one you are going to run because it’s “His Turn”? You really need to stop doing that. If your own voters rejected this guy last time, there was probably a good reason. Dole, McCain and Romney were all flawed candidates the first time they ran, recycling them wasn’t a very good idea.

    The reason the GOP does this is because they figured that if they ran the guy last time and no one found dead hookers in his basement, he's been "vetted". Romney was "vetted", we weren't going to find out anything new about him.

    Except in Romney's case, Obama beat him senseless over Bain, just like Huckabee did in 2008, just like Ted Kennedy did in 1994. And amazingly, in 18 years, Romney never developed a counter argument, other than, "Business is business", which is what every one of us has heard before a layoff was announced.

    If the GOP follows form, Santorum would be the frontrunner in 2016. I liked Rick a lot better than I Liked Romney (but frankly, I liked the Ebola Virus better than I liked Romney.) But even I don’t think he’d be a good idea for 2016. Nor would recycling another Bush brother. The Republicans have a great bench of governors who won in 2010. If they survive 2014, that’s your field.

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