First Freedom Flotilla ship to set sail on 20 June

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    BRUSSELS, (PIC)-- The first ship of the Freedom Flotilla 2 will set sail to the Gaza Strip on 20 June and will be followed by 11 more European vessels, the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza (ECESG) has announced.

    “The first ship of the Freedom Flotilla, which is a German and Swiss ship, will set sail from the German Hamburg port on the Elbe River, and then the North Sea to join the rest of the fleet,” said Anwar al-Gharbi, a member of the ESECG, one of the largest partners in the humanitarian flotilla.

    The ship will carry on board 40 Swiss public figures, including government legislators, politicians, media, and rights activists, as well as ten activists from Germany.

    The ECESG emphasized that European states must protect the ships against a possible Israeli attack, given that the passengers include a number of government officials and citizens from Europe.

    First Freedom Flotilla ship to set sail on 20 June
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