Finish off the Axis of Evil

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by bush lover, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Can you believe that our South Korean "allies" are shaking hands with the commies in North Korea, part of the Axis of Evil? What the hell is going on? Our President has to order our troops in Korea to attack the commies immediately to stop the detente and get the weapons of mass destruction.

    At the same time, thank God our President is stepping up the war path to Iran, whose dictator is denying that the Holocaust ever occurred and claims that Israel should disappear. Those outrageous statements alone suffice to justify an immediate all-out military offensive against Iran, which by the way, is also in the Axis of Evil. We have to protect Israel from the evil-doers in Iran, who also, by the way, hate our freedoms, support the 9-11 al-Kaida terrorists, have proven weapons of mass destruction AND want to convert us into radical Moslems. God bless Our President!
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    May 23, 2005
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    No, no, no! Bush Lover, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. You are very wicked. A typical American rightwing conservative warmonger.

    Iran, North Korea, and all the so-called "evil" governments and movements are just reacting to centuries of white American imperialist aggression.

    These movements, even if we do not approve of every little thing they do, are actually popular movements of the oppressed masses.

    Their leaders help their people, rather than starve and oppress them like the American government does to its own people.

    They are peace-loving. They want social justice. Why, in North Korea, the people themselves own all the land. There is not a single rich capitalist farmer, and no horrible supermarkets, exploiting people and forcing them to over-eat. Their wise government even has them on a healthy natural diet of tree-bark and grass!

    And Iran!!! How anyone can be angry at this country's government, I do not know! They are just standing up for their people. And although we could certainly hope that they would go for earth-friendly wind and solar power instead of nuclear power, they have every right to enrich uranium and install peaceful nuclear power plants to generate electricity. Otherwise, they would have to buy oil from other countries -- and just see what oil-addiction has done to us!

    No, BushLover, you have it wrong. The United States of America is the real cause of all the suffering and oppression in the world.

    We should all work to bring our troops home from where ever they are, dismantle our wicked war-machine, scrap our Navy and Air Force and all those horrible tanks and guns, and send our military people back to civilian life.

    Then there would be universal World Peace and happiness for everyone.

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