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    My contract employment has been extended, but only for 60 more days. With my new apartment and living alone for the first time in my life, my bills were starting to pile up. I've caught up but it might be a struggle if I can't find permanent employment w/benefits. With that in mind, I am planning on getting rid of most of my domains fairly cheap to save money on renewal fees and/or hosting fees. This doesn't include the USMB just yet, that would be a last resort, and the $$$ would likely be fairly high. The calculator most professionals use when selling domains/sites is domain potential and/or 10 months income from the site. Here is what I am getting rid of, and plan on posting them for sale to the public in a few days. - short domain name and can be used in many ways - just domain - was planning a board to discuss everything and anything digital related - just domain - site listing site - currently running and hosted - typical image hosting site. Makes about $30 per month from Google. - Talked about here previously, probably best suited for either financial stats or sports. - domain only - Great for many uses, lawyers pay top notch for advertising, whether direct or via Google - domain only - Was goinna use for a blog site
    - domain only - automated site selling scripts - not currently hosted, but easy to install - got the idea from - don't laugh, lots of sickos on the net and lots of money to be made in comedy/filth/videos/ pics... - domain only - can be developed in many ways for many support types - domain only - my oldest and personal favorite. - developed somewhat. Makes about $45 per month via Google. Owned vBulletin license included.

    I doubt anyone is interested, but I *might* accept offers for the USMB. Only serious offers would be entertained. Between # of posts and members, income (won't be disclosed here, PM me) and 2 years of effort, minimum asking price would be around $1500

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