Finally Watched "I want your money"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JFK_USA, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Well it was on Netflix so I figured I would watch it.

    1. The whole basic premise is flawed. Ray gives off this impression very early on in the movie that "government is telling you how to spend your money." WRONG. Taxes aren't the money you are spending. And guess what? Thats the cost of living in a civilized society. Unless you hate safe cars, soundly built houses, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, Police, fire departments, safe to eat food, and well anything you use everyday. It costs money to build and maintain those things. But yes every minimum wage worker will be able to pay a toll every quarter mile to use a bridge or a road. Yay freedom right? :cuckoo:

    2. The cartoon was a little funny, I like how he made fun of Bush. But again he fails to see what Socialism is and how it has worked. Communism was what he was talking about and coincidental a country that is a communist country holds our debts. Hmmmm........

    3. I also found it funny that he basically said FDR's new deal caused the great depression. You know not that it created Social Security for our seniors and the FDIC to protect your money in the bank from not being there when you need it. But yeah HORRIBLE SOCIALISM BECAUSE I CAN'T HAVE A THOUGHT OF OWN. HANNITY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO THINK NEXT!!!

    And the fact they called it a failure because "Oh 8 years later we still had high unemployment." Yet completely ignore all the good it has done was very bad and led the audience in a way that denounce Social Security

    4. The poverty rate decreased? Please. Not only did Reagan ruin the middle class he destroyed it by insisting that jobs pay their workers less which has destoyed this country.

    Honestly, thats just the first 28 minutes. It was extremely partisan and brought absolutely no facts to the discussion. Just "WAAAAAHHHH I hate democrats, why are they so popular. WAAAHHHH"

    A horrible movie with no point and no statistics or information to back it up. Just mindless rhetoric.
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    I suspect Republicans do hate safety laws. It's why they keep saying, "Let the market decide".

    China's Poisoned Milk Scandal: Is Sorry Enough? - TIME

    I guessing the Republicans are seeing "poisoned babies" as "testing the market". And then when people stop buy that product, it proves the success of "market based safety".

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