Finally UnFreezing Paulson's Revenge (TARP)

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    At the tail-end(?) of the Bush Administration, the rich were nervous about what to do with their $50.0 tril. plus Total Credit Market. The poor, it seems, were behaving badly as usual. Now they were not paying on their mortagages, and these had been bundled into fraudulent instruments--and then sold around the planet, worldwide!

    Treasury Secretary Paulson, of "Mega-Stellar" financial house fame: Knew eactly what to do! Ignore Them! They would go away, and the U. S. government would buy up all their sorry, "troubled assets," being held by the banks. This would not be a tax rebate program, and this would not be a refundable federal income tax credit. This would not be "Cash-For-Clunkers," or Home-Buyer's Tax Credit. In fact, this would not even be a part of Obama-Biden's widely uncelebrated, "Ticket Bitch Corps," for America! This would be money, only for the rich: Which is where the Paulson/Bush/Cheney/McCain/Palin/GOP knew that it belonged all along. State and Local government, were also way to rich, but at least there would be fewer of them.

    Text of Paulson remarks on TARP - MarketWatch

    And so away the poor people finally went, Helped Along By the Ivy League West Wing of the Obama family, and little girls, and dog, (or dogies. . . in the garden. . .maybe where the relatives stay(?)!). GOP Cross-Overs these people knew about! The "Mega-Stellar" financial house, they knew about.

    The Great Socialist Credit Market of America: Appears not to have been on anybody's radar, at the time, or time before, and even in the time now since.

    Then in April came the suprise! The people finally had some money from the market priming part of the Stimulus of the year before. Consumer Credit increased at $1.0 bil, finally, and not since 2008.

    "Analysts," had already missed the BP settlements for loss of Payrolls in Louisiana. Analysts had missed the incease of consumer activity. The freeze of consumer credit, Paulson created, aided and abetted, was starting to thaw.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (This has to be among the more stupid serial dramas ever put to words: But still, life is like that, in our nation of freedom--Ariz---America, which will actually foot the bill!)
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