FINALLY!!! I Found An Indestructable Ball For My Pitts !!!

Discussion in 'Pets' started by HUGGY, Aug 4, 2012.

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    WOW !!!

    This is a breakthru in dog toys! I have been searching for a really tough ball to throw for my Pitts and while buying some chew pillows for the "kids" (they go through about two a week)... I happened into the sporting goods section of my local 2nd hand store and there was a bag with two baseballs in it for 99 cents. One was the rawhide regulation ball and the other was the rubberised baseball.

    Well... The rawhide ball lasted less than 5 minutes.. That was no surprise but the rubberised one... That one is still intact after more than a week!!! AMAZING !!!

    I never thought about a rubberized baseball. I didn't realize just how tough they are.

    So THERE ya have it! Ya want a GREAT ball to toss for your dog that can bite through ANYTHING ???

    Go get yourself a rubberized baseball... Chew tested ... AND... Approved by Huggy...Dre..and Angel!

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