Fighting Games: New vs Old

Discussion in 'XBox/Playstation/Nintendo Wii' started by ThatDude30, Oct 3, 2017.

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    I am a PS4 fan, but own every video game system since the Atari. All I want to say is, Todays fighting games suck. The characters look stiff when the fight. With how advance the game systems are today you would think it would be better. Like the original playstation the fighters had better agility and were fast. Mortal combat on the original playstation is more fun to play then the newer mortal combats. You were able to put together sick combos easily. Now on the newer systems the fighters are slow and stiff and I get bored easily. Does anyone else notice what I a saying? Also like the Tony Hawk again. on the original playstation you could do all kinds of sick tricks easily and I would keep wanting to play. I will be lucky to even finish 10 minutes into the game. That's cool the graphics are sick now but I feel they aren't as fun to play anymore. What do you think?

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