Ferret Theory XLIV

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    Ferret Theory XLIV

    Costco toast’s a “new beer,” of their own!

    Costco who was inspired by Eddie, their ex-employee, that had a scandal with Anheuser-Busch!

    It was ten years ago 1998’ that a large scandal took place in Rancho Cordova, Ca. It was a conspiracy of giant corporations -- Teamsters, Costco, Anheuser-Busch. They went to work on a Costco employee who had a “moment of genius.” Anheuser Busch wanted the

    ideas to pitch their suds for Budweiser.

    Costco decides to go into it’s own beer business by having a beer of their own! Costco is bragging about their new beer, saying; “They are putting the beer industry to the test and compared four top selling beers to three of the Costco beers.” The first Samuel Adams Boston Lager versus German Style Lager.

    While, I believe, that Costco was just trying to maintain strong relations with Anheuser-Busch and the Teamsters. Costco got exposed -- as a co-conspirator against one of their employee’ who unrevealed the “Ferret Theory” about all three corporations working together on Eddie. I think retaliation was used by Costco against Anheuser-Busch because the “Ferret Theory” finding light on the internet.

    Costco started their “beer run” in 2008’ exactly ten years later from their ex-employee scandal who we all know by the name of Eddie! One analyst said “the rollout of Kirkland Signature Hefeweizen is most likely to hurt sub-premium brands like Anheuser Busch.” Costco, one of the nation's largest warehouse retailers, is readying its first line of private-label beers.

    “Who will suffer more?”

    Stifel Nicolaus analyst Mark Swartzberg said “the rollout's impact is most likely to hurt sub-premium brands such as Anheuser-Busch's Busch and Natural Light, Miller Brewing's Milwaukee's Best Light and Coors' Keystone.”

    Costco is ready to brawl with the beer industry, as they don’t feel they need the relations of the beer industry as in the past. Costco, is now a “larger monster” thanks! To you fine people of America!

    The Kirkland label application -- first reported by Miller Brewing Co's corporate blog, BrewBlog -- coincides with a court ruling against Costco yesterday in a long-running dispute between the retailer and Washington state beer wholesalers. A federal appeals court rejected a lower court's ruling that Washington statutes banning certain volume discounts and preventing retailers from taking beer directly from a warehouse. The decision strengthened the position of beer distributors, who have been in the somewhat awkward role of warring in court with their biggest customers.

    Eddie Verdon
    The creator of the: “Ferret Theory”

    PS: I would also like to a statement about these corporations that blacklisted myself “ When these corporations erase the lies about me, I will quiet telling the truth about them.”

    A quote by: Michael Douglas in the movie “Wall Street” 2010

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