Ferret Theory XIII:

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    Ferret Theory XIII:

    Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

    . A man named …Rubenstein born in 1911: He became a big union leader, in the 1930s and later a boss of the “Chicago Mob!”

    Rubenstein, often ran arms for the ‘Intelligences community,’ as a Captain?’ for CUBA, to help support ‘Castro’s army,’ against the rebels? Rubenstein, had his shipments intercepted by the ‘Cost Guard,’ by orders of JFK. Rubenstein, would get real angry about this JFK President.

    While being enlisted in the Army in the 1940s, Rubenstein, was fascinated with training in the artillery field as a expert for the Army. He, gained recognition as a marksmen shooter, then after a few years as marksman, Rubenstein, achieved his ‘Expert Sharpshooters credential,’ for the Army, as being their weapons expert-

    ‘Top Gun!’

    Rubenstein, in the 1950s and 1960s would start running liquor business, then in the past, liquor had this prohibition period? Rubenstein, was angry back then with that too, by Presidential interference.

    While leading the “Chicago Mob,” in the 1960s, Rubenstein, started having more problems by a guy named ‘Bobby Kennedy,’ I believe? He was the Attorney General, at the time? He, was trying to crack down on the mob! Once again, making Rubenstein, angry all over again with all this disruption of business?

    Rubenstein, has been pushed as far as he could go now with this Kennedy thing? It was time to set up a shop in Dallas, recruit the Dallas police and bring the gang into full running gear. Rubenstein, started picking his line-up brought in a guy named Shaw, another man named Roth, hired a guy named Oswald brought his fellow teacher, Patrick the shooter, in. A few more General Brass, Then the most powerful of Mob Bosses, who would only answer to Rubenstein. Some high ranking-

    ‘Intelligent Officials and Edgar, of the Bureau and a dozen of others?’

    The ‘Underworld Round Table,’ was now organized and ready for action and Rubinstein, was ready to change his name to Ruby? At the Underworld Round Table, they would come up with plans for JFK, Bobby, King, Hoffa and Marylyn?

    It was often the ‘Chairman of the underworld,’…meaning Ruby, would tell his staff, at the meetings. {“I have to much respect for… JFK, Bobby, King, Hoffa and Marylyn, I’ll take care of the matters myself!”}

    Ruby, was way ahead of his time… by far! Don’t get me wrong? With the hanus crimes, he committed? or didn’t commit? He should be charged for the ones, he committed. In that way, we view him as a ‘hanus criminal’ and on the other hand to take hold of his dream? of running the Unions, CIA, Liquor Business, Conspiracy Mastermind, and ‘One man,’ who throw the toilet, at the whole world forever! He’s viewed, as a extraordinary man.

    Of course these are just the writers thoughts!


    The Conspiracy Specialist

    Ref: to this article would be The X Files - Season Four ..{‘ Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man.’}

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