Females staff’s R I G H T to get more company facilities?

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    Females staff’s R I G H T to get more company facilities?

    I observed that in our country female staff deserves facitility from their owners such as follows

    1. Pick & Drop facility
    2. Good Pay Scale & other company benefit
    3. Seldom or occasionally late sitting
    4. No pressure or burden of works to be completed
    5. Good rise as compare to male staff

    Many multinational and Public Ltd Companies only offer to its FEMALE staff but totally ignore or over looked their male staff those who have no own transport facilities who force to come in PUBLIC transport.

    If any using Public Transport than one can realize what sort of problem he is facing to reach his office on timely basis otherwise marked LATE.

    I request all CEO & Managing Director of Multinational Companies in Public Ltd Companies why they do not give facilities to their male staff to pick and drop them so company can win’s staff heart & soul by providing this facility.

    No doubt it will cost the company but gain own staff confidence and royalties, which is not less a company ASSETS. If any company ( foreign or local ) want to win their employees heart & soul starting to give facility to all MALE STAFF who have no own facility or wish to come office with company free transport ( as such facility offered to FEMALE staff )

    My request why you people ignore the male staff who worked more hard working, lengthy hours and even no pick & drop facility available than at the time of annual growth consider all these factor which is too important.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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