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    I couldn't agree with you more Scott...At ease...My name is "Creek" and I'm here to cooperate in any way that I can...So I'll tell you what I'm gona do...I'm gona volunteer my leadership to this board...Because a board without good leadership...is worse than stinky feet in wet wool socks from some who ran it after it changed hands.

    I believe a vote is in call...and the posters should have a say...This banning...and one sidedness has to end..It ends here now.

    Delete the posts...get rid of the radiation.

    I'm not gona let this board go down the toilet...we need the old regs back here...Rebuild the bridges that have been burnt.

    Knowing politics is not the whole issue here...or how many posts one makes..or how clever one is in a debate...The issue with this site is not being hostage to those that want nothing to do with it either..

    The issue has been a dam meteor that struck after changing hands.

    Do I wana be a mod...No Way....But I am gona point out to you...that I think it's cool that you & DB are talking....I have not talked to the ownership there in ages...and only once a couple weeks back in total.

    I think alot of bridges have been burnt here...dishonesty/privacy was one reason..and I feel some should be ashamed of there actions leting this place get to there head..and making it there whole life too...You know who you are.

    I'd scrub the garbage can out...and do what you've been doing.

    The DB team are dam good people...I wouldn't go into a detailed post if they were not..

    No..I don't have the time to mod..or the attention span as some do..

    Been gone ages...came back..and it was so easy to make an assesment on why this place was going the way it was...

    Maybe I'll be gone tomorow...but it felt dam good to say the truth.

    Thanks for letting me speak my mind.

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