Federal government won’t block Huawei’s business in Canada

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    Don't trust Canada or it's security apparatus. They are broadly Anti-American and care little about YOUR National Security. The same company America has turned away Canada embraces.

    Federal government won’t block Huawei’s business in Canada

    The opposition parties have urged the federal government to re-evaluate the risks of allowing Chinese tech giant Huawei to sell smartphones and telecommunications equipment to Canadians over fears of cyberspying.

    But Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told Parliament on Monday that Ottawa will not block Huawei from doing business in Canada and insisted steps have been taken to protect Canadians from possible foreign espionage.

    Mr. Goodale faced questions in the Commons after The Globe and Mail reported Monday that three former directors of Canada’s key national security agencies want Ottawa to heed the advice of U.S. intelligence services and cut ties to Huawei.

    Former Canadian Security Intelligence Service directors Ward Elcock and Richard Fadden as well as John Adams, who headed of the Communications Security Establishment, say Huawei poses a national security threat. They weighed in after the heads of the FBI, CIA, National Security Agency and Defence Intelligence Agency recently told the U.S. Senate intelligence committee that Huawei smartphones and equipment could be used to spy on Americans, especially the next generation of 5G technology.
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    This is really dangerous not just for the US, but also for Canada.

    The Chinese use these companies to do their bidding. Huawei is a large company because it does what the Chinese govt wants. That's how the corruption in China works.

    Wechat is owned by Tencent. Ma Huateng is the founder and chairman of this company. He's also served in the 12th National People's Congress.

    Huawei has Ren Zhengfei as CEO, ex-Chinese army. He also served in the 12th National People's Congress.

    Politics and the rich go hand in hand. You can't get rich without the support of the Chinese govt. As such you will be an adviser to the Chinese govt.

    It's why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting richer but not at any rate close to the rich.

    It's similar to the US, ironically.

    List of countries by income equality - Wikipedia

    In terms of wealth gap between the top 10% and the bottom 10%, the US is 35th in the world and China 26th.

    The top 22 are Latin America or Africa. 23rd is Papua New Guinea, and only Malaysia is there to stop it being totally Africa and Latin America from there to the USA.
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