Fears for the Truth as Obama Lies and now brings his Granny into the Debate

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    When the Clintons tried to nationalize Healthcare, there were supposedly 47 million American without health insurance and that number was supposedly increasing so rapidly that by now, 16 years later, there should be more people without health care in American than there are subatomic particles in the known Universe.

    But, here we are, 16 years later and there aren't even 47 million uninsured American like Obama likes to keep lying about!

    His 47MM figure includes anywhere from 12-15MM ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    So actually there are 12-15MM Less AMERICANS without insurance than when the Clinton were trying to Nationalize HealthCare!

    The number of Americans without Health insurance has DECREASED by 33% since we stopped the Clintons from taking the system over!

    You can tell Obama is getting desperate because now he's bringing in his Granny to the mix!

    Oh, was this the Granny that said she was there when he was born in Kenya? It's hard to keep track of Obama relatives.

    Maybe after we stop Obama, in another 16 years the number of uninsured Americans will be down to 20 million!
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