FCC changes to data services could raise costs for rural areas, commissioner argues

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    The Good insane United states of America
    FCC changes to data services could raise costs for rural areas, commissioner argues
    Source: McClatchy

    APRIL 20, 2017 6:53 PM



    Read more: FCC vote could hurt rural consumers, says Mignon Clyburn | The State

    Uh, rural-state voters

    who went for dump: guess what--this NY thug and fan of oligarchy never gave a rat's ass about you. He sold you a bill of goods during the campaign. You got fleeced by a big-city conman who never really cared at all about rural America. Now you're going to pay the price. And pay. And pay. Unfortunately, so will many others who weren't dimwitted enough to fall for the con.

    Condolences on the loss of your little fairy tale.
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    You are complaining about the wrong people to the wrong people.
    Comcast is being hurt by increased Data services & future what will become higher speed larger data allotments will circumvent their monopoly in certain areas.
    Comcast owns most Politicians and MSNBC that helps promote it's political interest.
    I personally don't see the correlations you narrate and how it will affect rural data rates with providers.
    So if you really want to protest the TRUE sabotagers of the cable network competitors look to the Cable companies and the politicians that have received contributions by Comcast. That is public record, each politician (Senator for example) has an open list on donations and funding which will show Comcast as contributors or not.
    If your Senator has not been lined in the pockets then it's safe to express your concern to them. Example you can go to Al Franken and express fears towards any cable company manipulation of gov't and policy changes that force competitors to raise charges to validate their own rediclous price raise. Franken has gone after Comcast in the past and knows their works. You don't have to be from MN to voice your concern. If you think the President has been duped by advise on these policy changes then You also can ask Al Franken to politely convey these concerns explaining the affects to the president who is willing to listen to all sides. Calling him names and demonizing him gets you nowhere.
    If you think you are right then what's right will prevail if conveyed rationally and properly.
    Your party methods of creating destructive behaviors only brings destructive results.
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