FBI investigates shooting involving border agents

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    The FBI has opened an investigation after two Border Patrol agents shot and wounded two suspected drug smugglers after agents said the pair threw rocks at them.

    FBI spokesman Manuel Johnson said the violence occurred Saturday afternoon on the Tohono O’odham Nation.

    Johnson said border agents intercepted two men who were hauling backpacks containing drugs. The agents opened fire after the suspects hurled rocks at them.

    The wounded men were transported to a Tucson hospital. Johnson said he was told neither suffered life-threatening injuries.

    Authorities did not reveal the names of the Border Patrol agents, or details about the altercation.

    FBI investigates shooting involving border agents

    Aw geez! Here we go again.....Campeon and Ramos anyone??? What is going to happen, is that this country will be hard up in finding anybody willing to work as a Border Patrol Agent. Or could it be that they are investigating the drug haulers?? Yeah, right!!/I]

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