Fayyadh's government overburdens Palestinian treasury

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    RAMALLAH , (PIC)-- Salam Fayyadh, the de-facto prime minister of the PA in Ramallah has acknowledged Wednesday that his government owes debtors around one billion U.S. dollars.

    He added that his government borrowed 30 million dollars from local banks since the start of this year to cover the deficit in the budget, saying that the deficit in the budget has reached 1.3 billion dollars, which constitutes around 30% of the Palestinian national income.

    Meanwhile, Bassam Zakarneh, the chairman of the public employees' syndicate in the West Bank blamed Fayyadh for the deficit and held him responsible for delaying disbursement of the employee's salaries, warning that the syndicate would convene on Monday to mull the proper action it would take against Fayyadh's government.

    "There were clear signs that this government has wasted the money of the Palestinian people, including signing contracts with a number of employees with salaries of four thousand dollars monthly, purchasing 23 luxury vehicles for the ministry of finance, which Fayyadh handles, and the spending of 80 million dollars within one week on the ministries under the category "miscellaneous", Zakarneh said in a statement he made in this regard.

    Fayyadh's government overburdens Palestinian treasury

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