Farmer and the Sheriff

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    a Farmer was standing by his barn watching a sheriff's car pull up on his property. Out steps a gun toting sheriff asking to see the inside of the farmers barn. The farmer asked him "what for?" The sheriff stated that they were concerned that he had some Marijuana grown and stored on his property. The farmer assured him that there was none on his property. The sheriff pulled out his badge and said "Do you see what this is? It's a badge and gives me the right to go where ever I want"
    After investigating the barn and found nothing, he asked to see his property. The farmer once again stated that there was nothing on his property. Again the sheriff showed him his badge. "This badge says I can go wherever I want, so step aside." Finally, The sheriff gets to the last piece of property and the farmer says, "I wouldn't go on to that piece of land if I were you." The sheriff told him to step aside, "This badge gives me the right to go on that piece of land."
    Fifteen minutes later the farmer hears a scream getting louder and louder from the sheriff, he looks over and sees the sheriff running top speed with a bull chasing him and gaining. The farmer yells out, "Your badge....SHOW-HIM-YOUR-BADGE!!!!"
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