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    As some of you may know I am a sometimes visitor who very much enjoys reading your conversations, oh, bi-monthly or so. In the past I have always tried to interject a little humor to break the monotony and I am humbled to think some of you thought any of it funny. You see I unlike most folks who debate politics, ethics and religion have always not allowed myself to take the content too seriously. We live in the country where the most powerful man in the world hands over the most influencial job on earth to someone he absolutely depises. How beautiful is that? We acheive this through the voting process. The problem is that every man who has ever accepted this role regardless of political persuasion has claimed to be driving down the center of the road. Obviously he could not have been elected if he didn't. On each side of the road lie the fanatics.

    What about the average folks like me ( a truck driver ) who would really like to see REAL represenatives of the common folk in political office, NOT FANATICS!!!!!

    - I don't want it to become legal for 13 year olds to have sex!
    - I don't want to watch bulldozers run over MRS. Johnson's 124 yr old family home so some asshole from an Ivy League school can build a condo complex that will feed tax dollars to a system that supports illegal aliens health care that taps it's resources!!!!!!!
    - I do not want to report to some City Police Collection site one Saturday morning to surrender my gun that I need to defend myself against hardened criminals who may choose me at random to rob, beat or kill.
    - I do not want to pay 7.50 for my favorite Camel non-filter cigs which I am happy not to light up in my favorite resturant when in the presence of non-smokers.
    - I am tired of not being able to afford the thins I would like to have for my family when I see Lincoln Navigators parked in housing projects where I pay 75 to 80 % of the residents subsidised rent!
    - I want Ted Kennedy to call me on the phone and explain what really happened with Mary Jo that night and why it took an eternity for him to locate a telephone.
    - I want Mr. Bush to explain why he partied with Arabs who are known to have given money to the causes that are now being embraced by Osama Bin Laden.
    - I want to be able to travel the roads of America without being stopped by a police officer for a ROUTINE traffic stop. I especially don't want his nasty footed German Shepard in the back seat of my used car.
    - I want Democrats and Republicans to stop acting like children on TV slandering one another in front of our children like it is OK or something.
    - I want politicians to stop disrespecting our president. When I was a child it just dosen't seem like we did that. He is the President and could use the support of all who are elected by the people rather objectionable or not to be decent and respectable in their concurrance or dissention.
    - I want my granddaughters 2nd grade teacher to stop telling her that saying "Happy Holidays" is better than saying "Merry Christmas".
    - I want women who commit murder to get the same punishment as men.
    - I want to know why diesel fuel costs 15% more than gasoline when it costs a fraction to refine and produce!
    - I want elections to be fair! Why are Libertarians never allowed to debate in Presidential elections. What are the D's and R's afraid of? I want companies to stay the hell out of the process all together. Lobbyists whore up the system.
    - I want to be able to decide if I wear a damn helmet or not when I ride my motorcycle! Hell, to stay with protocol why don't we require body armor for car drivers? It would be safer, right? Save tax dollars, Right?
    - I am tired of being trated like a child by my government. Aren't you?
    - I want convicted sex offenders to go to jail regardless of how much money they have.
    - I want to be able to stuff as much of my hard earned money in my mattress as humanly possible and it is none of your business. Why in the hell would you have a right to know how much money I have?
    - I want a flat tax / fair tax system NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not in 2019!
    - I am tired of seeing people win these huge lawsuits ranging in the millions of dollars because they stupidly spilled some coffee in their lap. God, please don't let that guy I drenched with Kethup at the Waffle House remember my name! A waitress left the bottle top loose!
    - Health Care should be affordable, we don't need a government system to provide it. Stop crucifying doctors who can't save your life for shit!

    These are but a few of the things that concern me. I have a hard time believing that a politician really gives a shit about my concerns. Fanatic influences will continue to elect politicians. Politicians will continue to support those who financed their election.

    MY SUGGESTION: FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets start over. For ten years we should vote for NO INCUMBANTS what so ever! Send a message to politicians that the American people are sick to death of being legislated out of our American dream. Fire them all!!!!!!!!!!! Start over!!!!!!! Lets see some regular folks who know the feeling of being average. Lets see a government that truly represents the demographics of our nation. Lets see an educated truck driver be the Secretary of Transportation, not a person who has never had any sort of past in it at all. Lets see a working class single mom be the Sec of Hud. Lets do something because this system ain't working! Our poly's are making us look like jack asses and they aren't getting the business of the American people done!

    - Gas and food caosts too much!
    - There are too many homeless folks in our country!
    - The Stock Exchange is crooked!
    - Social Security is damn joke!!!!!
    - Criminals aren't deterred from being criminals!
    - Political Correctness has gotton ridicolous
    - What's wrong with God anyway?
    - How much money you have determines how well the legal system works for you!
    - 93% of our folks are trying way too hard to appease the other 7%
    - Our press is so liberal it now insults the right to free speech since it only freely speaks from one side of the fence!

    I'm done!


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