Faith is more than just a simple belief.

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    I doubt science will ever prove that God exists, as science proves things. God will always be known in faith.

    I believe faith is more than just a belief. I believe faith is an actual product we receive from God as a result of sincerely seeking Him. Faith produces many things in our lives, it is alive in true believers. The Fruit of the Spirit is produced by faith. Hope is produced by faith. I am not talking about hope as in dreams and desires. I am talking about hope as in security.

    Faith is something that we can ask God for, and in it we find the abundance that Jesus promises in our lives.

    I can believe all I want, but unless it is within a real and personal relationship with God, it is only intellectual belief. Real faith does not rely on feelings or emotions. Real faith can walk without seeing proof, however, real faith produces a kind of proof that science cannot touch.

    Just a few thoughts for the morning. God bless you all.
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