Facility of Government VS Private Hospital in our country

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    Facility of Government VS Private Hospital in our country
    I want to share in our country in all Government hospital no major facilities and medicine is available. More interesting to share those doctors are working in Government hospital if they do not work honestly and sincerely than no authority keep an eye or check and balance system.

    How patients face problems when comes for treatment in Government hospital due to they can’t afford private hospital treatment. But in Government hospital no facility for better treatment and always medicine not available. But tell when funds allocated for Government hospital than such type of lame excuses not worth.

    If a patient goes in private hospital such as AGA KHAN HOSPITAL, OMI HOSPITAL, LIAQUAT Hospital than no doubt facilities are available no doubt but the burden of their hospital and treatment charges which a common man can’t afford.

    More interesting to share when our leaders or politician when sick or need for medical checkup than always free to go to West ( UK or USA) but never think to go to Government hospital for own treatment. Very regret and shameful no facility available in Government hospital. When funds provided first of all mis-used due to corrupt people but only poor patient suffers and face problems.

    Any one ask question for doctors those who are working in private hospital are more devoted and sincere but shows lack of interest or willing to work in Government hospital the reasons in private hospital doctors are questionable and answerable to their HEAD but they are fearless and tension free when work in Government hospital.

    Thanking You.

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    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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