Extremist Energy Czarina

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    Ever heard of Carol Browner? She a position in the Obama administration as, "Energy Coordinator". No one outside The Prophet's circle seems to know exactly what that means, but, despite how the media tries to cover it up, Carol Browner has held a steadfast belief in the far-left policies of extreme environmentalism.

    The Washington Examiner: She was one of the 15 original members of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society, a branch of Socialist International which links socialist and labor parties throughout the world. One of the things it demands is "compensation for social inequities".

    Browner's photograph which once appeared next to Vladimir Putin and Sergei Mironov was quietly removed from their web site.

    Under Clinton as EPA adminstrator she routinely violated Anti-Lobbying Act laws by using agency funds to campaign members of Congress to enact or block various EPA-related provisions. Later the agency was accused of allowing special interests to improperly influence midnight environmental regulations. In response to a US District Judge's (R Lamberth) order to preserve such information, she had her hard drive re-initialized. She was held in contempt of court.

    She directed continuous harrassment of agency scientists who did not toe the line, resorting to charges of ethics violations and denial or promotion.

    Certainly there will be those that dismiss all of this on various grounds. To the best of my knowledge and research all of it is true, and in my opinion this does not bode well for what the EPA is going to engineer. I see anti-capitalism written all over this one.

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