Explain: How can "money" win?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Just a simple explanation from liberals please. Exactly how does "money" win? Are voters being paid to switch their vote from "D" to "R"? Only a few facts can be true. Here they are:

    1) Liberals are so stupid, that they believe in one ideal, but a simple TV ad changes their mind and they become GOP because of "money".

    2) Indepdents, brainwashed in Wisconsin schools to believe the far left is the right path, sees MORE information (due to money) about the right wing, Scott Walker, and the positive results he has gotten, and realizes "Oh shit, they are right, the left wing stuff is nonsense" and they come to their senses.

    3) There are simply more people who believe in the ideals of the right wing and Scott Walker, and no amount of money would change that, thus, simple voter turnout won this thing.

    So which is it liberals? Are you all that stupid? Did voters simply get more information on the issues and voted correctly? Or is money irrelevant, because today there are just more right leaning voters than left, and defeat for the left is inevitable?

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