Ex-wife of man who killed 6 in Arizona says she's relieved he's dead

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    Ex-wife of man who killed 6 in Arizona relieved he's dead

    "I felt that I had a personal terrorist ... His death, I think, is the best thing to come out of this ordeal," the wife of Dwight Lamont Jones said.

    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Connie Jones' life wasn't routine. She switched up her commute to work, went to different grocery stores, constantly looked over her shoulder, and took firearms training and defensive driving to protect herself and her son from an ex-husband she said was a maniac.

    Authorities have said that man, Dwight Lamon Jones, is responsible for the recent deaths of six people in the Phoenix area, some of whom had links to the Jones' divorce. Connie Jones said she always feared she'd be the one killed and said Tuesday she is grateful to be alive.​

    Her current husband is a police officer and they still were unable to do anything about this lunatic.
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